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Burrell Business Systems
Location: US-IL Effingham
Contact Info: Contact Page
Retail Touch Interface
Retail Touch Interface
Support by: Burrell Business Systems
Jason Burrell Consulting
Type of business: Retail Store
Consulting, etc.
Installation date: 1998-04-20
Software platform: Linux Penguin LogoLinux
Hardware: BBS Terminal
# Terminals: 1 Point-of-Sale
4 Back Office

As L’âne was originally written for Burrell Business Systems, they are one of its oldest continuous users.


Business Overview

Burrell Business Systems specializes in office equipment support, sales, and consulting. They are particularly focused on point-of-sale/cash register and imaging solutions. While the current business was founded in 1991, the owners, Pat and Kathy Burrell, had several decades of experience prior to that date. ([1])

Business Problem

Spiraling cost, complexity, and instability of Windows-based office solutions caused them to move to a Linux-based, thin client office system. They needed a system that not only ran on Linux, but could also be easily customized to their unique business needs, including tracking on-site work, equipment histories, and customer charge accounts.

L’âne Solution

L’âne allows them to integrate all of their business functions into a single business management system. Customer charge accounts are fully integrated into the system, including auto-applied early payment discounts, automatically generated monthly statements, and full account histories (sales and work related).


Register: BBS Terminal

Back Office: Wikipedia:Sun Ray

Support and Customization

  • Specialized reports
  • Off-site support and use



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