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Don Taco 2
Website: N/A
Location: US-IL Carbondale
Contact Info:
Interface showing “TacosBurritos” page
Interface showing “TacosBurritos” page
Support by: Burrell Business Systems
Type of business: Mexican Restaurant, Fast Food
Installation date: 2005-10-03
Software platform: Linux
Hardware: BBS Terminal
# Terminals: 2

For their second (and larger) store, Don Taco decided to use a L’âne solution with hardware and support by Burrell Business Systems.


Business Overview

Don Taco’s two Carbondale stores serve a variety of Mexican fast food. As Carbondale is home to Southern Illinois University Carbondale, many of Don Taco’s customers are value-minded, busy students.

Business Problem

They wanted a multi-lane setup which would be easier for their staff to use, easier to support from remote locations (the owners live about 150 miles from Carbondale, even Burrell Business Systems is about 120 miles from Carbondale), stored delivery information, and provided more detailed reports. Additionally, their business day spans midnight, as they have a rush of patrons after the bars close. Furthermore, while their customer-facing staff speaks English, much of their kitchen staff is more comfortable speaking Spanish.

L’âne Solution

L’âne easily supports multi-lane setups, including the ability to start a sale on one register and finish on another. To bridge the distance, the owners can access summary and detailed reports from any machine with an Internet connection. Also, Burrell Business Systems’ support staff can view the actual screens of the terminals, in realtime, while providing phone support. To reduce the amount of manual labor required for delivery orders, L’âne tracks their customers names, phone numbers, and addresses. Unlike systems which can only group sales data by date, L’âne can be easily configured to specify a business day which spans arbitrary time-spans. Finally, the on-screen buttons’ text does not need to be the same as the text printed, so the clerk sees “corn” while the cook sees “maiz”.


  • 2 BBS Terminals
    • Touch screens
    • Thermal receipt printers
    • Customer pole displays
    • Magnetic card readers
  • Kitchen/prep printer

Support and Customization

  • Custom, register-based reports
  • Business day which runs 11:00 - 02:00
  • Remote support



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