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2011-04-17 New Release 0.20101024.1
2010-10-24 New Release 0.20101024.0
2010-10-14 New Release 0.20100926.1
2010-09-26 New Release 0.20100926.0
2010-09-20 New Release Coming Soon
2010-02-09 New Release 0.20090526.1
2009-05-25 Summer 2009
2008-01-21 Looking Back, Looking Ahead
2006-10-25 Changes to the Websites
2005-05-26 L’âne Wiki
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Welcome to the L’âne Wiki!

Please create an account and feel free to participate in developing these pages. Especially the Project:Documentation page ;)

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People using L’âne

Links and success stories can be added here:

Burrell Business Systems US-IL Effingham
Jumpy Monkey Coffee Roasting Co US-IA Sioux City
Electronics Engineering Study Association Thor NL-NB Eindhoven
Don Taco 2 US-IL Carbondale
Various US-Nation-wide Various

Pictures, screenshots, etc

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