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Look at Last Year, a Look Ahead

Last Year

Last year continued the rapid growth in L’âne installations. One of our largest partners continued their trend of growing their existing franchise restaurant customer base, including gaining new stores in existing franchise networks and entirely new networks. L’âne truly brings the proven community power of open source software to businesses allowing them to gain the stability of these tools at a reasonable cost. This one partner has nearly five-hundred L’âne terminals across multiple pizza and specialty restaurant franchises.

Services from long-established L’âne partners increased as well. Burrell Business Systems now offers a variety of means for stores to begin using L’âne, including purchase, lease, or subscription. The new addition of a L’âne subscription allows businesses to gain access to a powerful point-of-sale system with predictable monthly costs which include hardware use and maintenance, software, and support.

Early 2008

Upcoming changes to L’âne include support for exporting financial data to QuickBooks (available now in JBC and Burrell Business Systems backup/report plans) and more complete support for fine dining establishments.

We look forward to continuing to support our existing user base while growing it as well. Have a happy and prosperous new year!

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