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Summer 2009

Plans from Our Hardware Partners

Burrell Business Systems and our other hardware partners plan on releasing new embedded L’âne systems and lower-cost single checkout-lane machines. Soon, they will have machines which are priced significantly lower than Windows PC-based POS systems and lower than most stand-alone POS systems.

Plans from Our Support Partners

Many of our support partners plan to offer our small business employee payroll package, which includes employee payroll processing (including generating your paychecks, reports, and periodic and yearly tax forms) for as little as $49.95/month/store.

L’âne Software Plans

In the coming months, we plan on increasing the capabilities of L’âne's own accounting support to meet the needs of our customers and their customers. Additionally, we are considering ways to increase the credit card gateway support so gateways unsupported by our partners can be easily used with L’âne.

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