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New Release Coming

The next major release of L’âne, which we will push out by 2010-09-30, will include several DB-level and API-level changes. While we have been working with our partners to move all of their necessary code and plugins to the new API, we realize there may be additional people modifying the system who would like to keep up on these changes before they are available to the general public. The notes below are a general overview targeted at developers, but may also have some applicability to systems integrators.

DB Changes

Foreign keys have been re-enabled in HEAD. Thus, if you are upgrading from an earlier version of L’âne, you will need to verify your database contains all of the necessary references before updating. The database now keeps a revisioned change (audit) log. All changes are recorded, tagged with user and timestamp information, and available for auditing and restoration. (Revisions which are rolled back create a new entry in the audit log.) All systems will now need to include the plpgsql database language in the database as some core features now require it.

API Changes

Besides API changes to accommodate the DB changes, we have also worked on significant refactoring and simplification of code. Existing "BMS"-style code has been completely moved to the GenericObject-style. Objects in the database can not be removed, only voided. Package names have been normalized to allow normal Perl use-style of access, while retaining the convenient short names as aliases. All tools accessing L’âne's packages will need updated to accommodate this change.

Testing Changes

The regression tests have been expanded and tested on a variety of machines. If the regression tests fail, there is a problem with your installation.


See bug 1331 dependencies for a tentative list of changes in this upcoming release.

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