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New Release 0.20100926.0

This release of L’âne includes several DB-level and API-level changes. Please note that updates from previous versions may require additional work. For example, the L’âne base dataset now requires PostgreSQL server 8.3 or later.

DB Changes

Foreign keys have been re-enabled in HEAD. Thus, if you are upgrading from an earlier version of L’âne, you will need to verify your database contains all of the necessary references before updating. The database now keeps a revisioned change (audit) log. All changes are recorded, tagged with user and timestamp information, and available for auditing and restoration. (Revisions which are rolled back create a new entry in the audit log.) All systems will now need to include the plpgsql database language in the database as some core features now require it.

API Changes

Besides API changes to accommodate the DB changes, we have also worked on significant refactoring and simplification of code. Existing "BMS"-style code has been completely moved to the GenericObject-style. Objects in the database can not be removed, only voided. Package names have been normalized to allow normal Perl use-style of access, while retaining the convenient short names as aliases. All tools accessing L’âne's packages will need updated to accommodate this change.

Testing Changes

The regression tests have been expanded and tested on a variety of machines. If the regression tests fail, there is likely a problem with your installation.


bug 1331 dependencies

bug 47 utilize PostgreSQL's integrity features.

bug 69 new-style locale money formats aren't used everywhere.

bug 99 Sale needs to include the tax mask.

bug 124 incorrect sorting on qwo search box.

bug 694 make an rpm version of l-ane.

bug 1322 move the db-accessing objects to GenericObject.

bug 1329 version the data in all tables (data revision system).

bug 47 utilize PostgreSQL's integrity features.

bug 1332 Register Event Interface, further eventification.

bug 55 Register Event Interface.

bug 1333 remove

bug 1334 todo-up the DatacapXml tests which include old data.

bug 1336 fix the tests' timezone issues.

bug 1337 fix the base-dataset.sql.

bug 1340 oddness with @_ in the Tk apps.

bug 1342 Products->searchByDescr doesn't work, post GenericObjectification.

bug 1344 add support for separate cashier and server clerks.

bug 1346 reduce open DB connections.

bug 1347 make an updater.sql that calls all of the necessary *.sql to update a dataset.

bug 1349 filter out low characters from Sale.notes.

bug 1350 change the package names to allow standard perl use.

bug 1351 rm LanePOS::Common.

bug 1353 ext values in subtables don't work.

bug 1354 multiple, identical foreign key constraints in some test datasets.

bug 1355 fix or remove INSTALL and README.

bug 1358 modify Product->extended to use the GenericObject style ext format.

bug 1359 move String->getTree() to GenericObject.

bug 1360 add Locale->getAllLike().

bug 1362 typos in GenericEventable pod.

bug 1363 GenericEventable can't be loaded multiple times in the same application.

bug 1364 registerTester doesn't allow negative quantities or prices.

bug 1365 removed the depricated Tk register front ends.

bug 1366 fix VERSION.

bug 1367 add a test to create if it is missing.

bug 1369 fix db permissions for "register" and "posmgr".

bug 1370 add LaneSiteConf and default to ~/

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