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New Release 0.20101024.0

This release of L’âne includes the long-requested switch from perl-Pg to DBI: The obsolete Pg module is no longer used. DBI also allows us to finally safely use multibyte character sets. In fact, UTF-8 is now the default encoding in L’âne. Additionally, the back office Tk programs, the curses register, and the XML Register have all undergone numerous bug fixes.

DB Changes

Sales now track payments applied to them. The fall-back locale information is now stored in the database. All existing users should follow the dataset update instructions in LanePOS/dataset/README !

i18n/L10n Changes

The system now defaults to using UTF-8 as the database encoding and supports multibyte characters. Additionally, the locale fall-back text is now loaded from the database. Note: The default locale is now "c", not "en-US", so American users who had previously ignored the locale system will need to set their $ENV{'LaneLang'} variable. Also, the various device output formats can be changed via the locale system now. For example, one can easily change the what the printer prints for items to better suit his store.

Testing Changes

The regression tests have been expanded to include basic GUI testing.


bug 1357 dependencies

bug 70 make the printer item output configurable

bug 1309 allow out of order error corrects

bug 1330 make Sale track payments applied to it

bug 1368 add support for DBI/DBD::Pg

bug 1371 allow $obj->short as a synonym for $obj->{'short'}

bug 1372 UTF-8 support in the db

bug 1377 Register triggers should die on failure rather than returning 0

bug 1380 xmlRegister can't load SysStrings, post renaming

bug 1382 allow Locale to use named replacement parameters

bug 1383 move Locale fallbacks into a centralized place

bug 1384 variable type fields don't work in the latest version

bug 1387 fix registerCurses so it works on windows wider than 80 columns

bug 1388 reorganize the info in registerCurses's summary area so it fits

bug 1389 registerCurses's status bar says "now" instead of the time

bug 1390 laneNonPersonUsername behaves incorrectly in multiuser mode

bug 1391 change the registerCurses fall-back mode for monochrome terminals

bug 1392 change the default locale to 'c'

bug 1393 headers, footers, and summary don't print

bug 1394 need regression tests for the Register Device outputs

bug 1396 automate a gui register test

bug 1398 Machine search should be case insensitive

bug 1400 Customer requires more fields than are absolutely necessary

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